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Real Estate touches our lives everyday. It is where we live, work and play. Real Estate is earth claimed and modified by humans to suit their needs. It comprises of modified natural land and buildings erected up on it. Humans also assume absolute ownership of real estate by defining a bundle of rights to use, posses and dispose of such modifications.



Scarce resources are consumed to develop land and construct buildings. Supply of land is finite, therefore it is imperative that it is allocated, used or improved efficiently. In today's reality of "unlimited wants vs. limited resources", characterized by unbridled sprawl, housing shortages of the inner city and dwindling supply of developed land, the discipline of real estate economics has never been more relevant than it is now.



Good design offers interesting solutions, brings joy and adds value to life! Good design is integral to creating quality real estate and urbanscapes. Moreover, good design sells! Investment in good design generates long term economic and social value.


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